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    Enchanted Love Rose

    Enchanted Love Rose

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    Enchant your space

    A Loving, Forever Gift


    Is Shipping Free?

    Are batteries required to power the display?

    3 AAA Batteries Required

    These Love Roses require 3 AAA Batteries for usage, as the LED Lighting will be as strong and vibrant as the battery power allows.

    What if I am not satisfied with the display?

    Guaranteed Love, or your money back

    If you are not satisfied with your Love Rose after 60 days, you are able to return it for a full refund.

    Compare LED Lights while On/Off:


    FAQ's about this Rose:

    Is Shipping really Free?

    Yep! We offer a Shipping option on every Rose that is 100% Free and arrives just as fast as any other option. 

    What is required to power the Rose?

    3 AAA Batteries are required for use, as seen below. Other than the battery power, every part of the Rose will last you an eternity.

    Does this Rose Really Last Forever?

    All styles of this Rose will last you a lifetime, and we guarantee there will be no effects of usage even after years of display!

    Rose Size: (Water bottle for reference)

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    Made with Love

    All Roses are handcrafted and made with Love ♥