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Questions? Check our FAQ

    Estimated Shipping Times

    Estimated Delivery Times

    Location: Avg. Delivery Time:
    U.S. (excl. HI & AK) ~ 5-12 Days*
    U.K. & Europe
    ~ 10-25 Days
    ~ 14-30 Days
    New Zealand ~ 14-30 Days
    Rest of the World* ~ 18-35 Days

    * U.S. Shipped Roses only. If the Rose is not shipped to our U.S. Customers via a domestic warehouse, it will specify the longer than average shipping times in the product's description.

    View this link to our U.S. Shipped Roses for a collection of Roses shipped via USPS from a U.S. warehouse. You can also view our Internationally Shipped Roses collection herestrictly for Roses shipped outside of the United States.

    Processing Times

    Please allow 1-3 Business Days for your order to process & ship; orders late in the week (Thu-Fri) likely will not be shipped until the next Monday.

    If you have a problem with your shipping address, please contact us as soon as you can, because some orders may be processed as fast as 12 hours.

    Order Notifications
    When you place an order & enter your email at checkout, you will receive order notifications when:
    • The order is confirmed
    • Your order ships (tracking number(s) included in email)
    • Your order has arrived at the local post office & is out for delivery*
    • Your package arrives at the destination.

    *phone numbers will not receive this notification, but all others.

    U.S. Based Shipping via USPS

    Most of our Roses are shipped from the US, as each of our Roses will have estimated shipping times on their product page showing estimated times for various countries. To see all Roses that are shipped from a United States warehouse via USPS, see our "U.S. Shipped" Collection. For a list of Roses shipped strictly from international warehouses (no matter your location), see our "Internationally Shipped" Collection. Internationally Shipped Roses will take longer to arrive. 

    What if I'm outside the US?

    We can still ship to you, as we likely offer Free Shipping to your country as well. All non-United States orders are shipped from our international warehouse.

    Insured Shipping

    These Shipping & processing times are averages for both Standard & Insured Shipping options. Insured Shipping does not decrease the delivery time - it just insures your package from delivery damages.

    Order updates

    For the most simple & easy way to check the status of your order: Visit our site, click "Can I get an update on my order status?" and enter your order information. 

    Roses that Last

    Love Roses are made to Last Forever, unlike real Roses!

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    Made with Love

    All Roses are handcrafted and made with Love ♥